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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

The Daf Yomi Shiur takes place every morning 45 minutes before Shacharis.

The Shiur is given by Rabbi Tzvi Fischer of the Portland Kollel.

For more information please email

Daf Yomi 

The Dirshu Mishna Brura shiur takes place M-Th evening at 8:45 pm.


The Shiur is given by Rabbi Yossi Goldblatt of the Portland Kollel.


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Dirshu Mishna Brura 

Make pretty ribbon roses for a table decoration or as an embellishment on clothing at this fun craft session for ladies.


Bring sharp sewing scissors if you have some, and a thimble if you'd like. Participants must be able to thread a needle. RSVP to Donna by Tuesday, 5/23 at


Thursday, 5/25 | 10:30 am | $5.00/person | At Kesser Israel

Kesser Kids' Time

Pesach 4 All

Join us in giving local Jewish families a chance to celebrate Passover.

Represent our community and show those in need that we care!


You can:

Sponsor a Kosher Food Box

Keep this essential program going with any donation


For more information please contact Michael Rosenberg

or email 


Shavuot Bikkurim Parade and Fruit Drive

Thursday, June 1

Approx. 12 Noon, Kesser Kids Time @ 10:30 am


Shavuot has a few names, one of which is "Chag HaBikkurim," the Festival of Fruits. This comes from the practice in temple times in which farmers would bring the first of their fruits as an offering. In this light, the Bikkurim Parade offers an opportunity for children to bring fruit to Shul, join a parade to donate it at the Bimah, and engage with the community in doing a mitzvah.  


Fruit will be donated to Sunshine Pantry. Children and adults can participate in the fruit drive.


Questions? Contact Jodi: 503-222-1239;

Shavuot Dairy Kiddush

Thursday, June 1

Approx. 12:30 pm


Fish, cheesecake, ice cream....Join us for a delicious kiddush following services on second day of Shavuot.  

Ladies' Pre-Shavuot Craft Morning

Join us for Kids' time at Kesser!

Every second and fourth Shabbat of the month - come and enjoy a Jewish Family Experience.


Programs for children of ages 2-11, childcare - this is an experience not to be missed.


For more info please email Jodi at

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